U sually one of the most chal - lenging sub - jects. Especial - ly, since, NEET Physics 2021 preparation requires the most effort and comprises a wide variety of theoretical concepts and a vast array of numerical prob?lems associated with each concept. NEET physics syllabus car?ries an almost equal weight - age of questions from Class 11 and Class 12. Therefore, aspirants must equally focus on the overall syllabus dur - ing the preparation of NEET Physics 2021. A total of 45 questions are included in the physics section of NEET which sums up to a total of 180 marks in the exam. In order to generate a better overall score for admission in MBBS and BDS courses in top medical colleges in In?dia , it is crucial for aspirants to score excellently in NEET Physics 2021. It requires a thorough understanding of every minor concept in or?der to be able to apply it to the numerical questions. For important details on how to prepare for NEET Physics including strategies, and tips from toppers and experts, as - pirants are advised to read the full article. How to Prepare for NEET Physics – Strategies For the convenience of the candidates, a video on how to prepare for NEET Physics 2021 (based on the previous year) is also provided below. 1. Analyze the syllabus me?thodically : One of the major strategies required in how to prepare for NEET Physics is a systematic and well-organ?ised analysis of the syllabus. The syllabus of NEET Phys?ics consists of 29 chapters including the curriculum of both Class 11 and 12. 2. Emphasize the Important Topics for NEET Physics : Preparation of NEET physics requires applicants to possess knowledge about the topics which carry more weightage than others based on analysis of the previous year’s ques?tion papers. This strategy can prove to be very effective for aspirants wondering how to prepare for NEET Physics 2021. 3. Build Conceptual Clarity : Candidates preparing for NEET Physics 2021 must always begin with a clear understanding of the con?cepts involved. In addition to learning the theoretical part of the concepts of NEET Physics, one must also learn to integrate the knowledge of the concepts in solving mul?tiple-choice questions and numerical-based problems. 4. Choose Your Preparation Material : The main prep ma?terial for NEET 2021 Physics should be the NCERT. Can?didates preparing for NEET Physics must ensure that they learn all the concepts includ?ed in the syllabus and solve all the numerical including those covered in the example section of the NCERT. Ad?ditionally, candidates should refer to these books men - tioned below for practicing numerical and understanding how the concepts are applied. 5. Master Formulas : When it comes to NEET 2021 phys - ics, formulas form an integral part of preparation. It is nec - essary that candidates know and learn all the formulas. One should develop a habit of maintaining a notebook with all the important for?mulas of NEET Physics and their associated concepts. 6. Practice : It is an un?deniable fact that Physics preparation for NEET 2021 requires intense practice. From formulas to numerical everything has to be thor?oughly practised by the as?pirant. Regular practice in?troduces one to varied kinds of questions and also helps in learning to implement the concepts while solving the questions. Candidates should also practise solving previ?ous year question papers of NEET Physics. 7. Time Yourself : Time plays a major role in NEET 2021 Physics preparation. Candi?dates must try and solve the NEET 2021 question paper for Physics within a limited time frame. This will help in the candidate’s increasing speed and boost morale for the actual exam day. 8. Solve Mock Tests : It is important for candidates to solve mock tests online to have an idea of the actual exam day scenario. A host of practice centres are to be set up by the NTA that would be accessible even on Saturdays and Sundays. Since NEET held offline, therefore, candi?dates are advised to take up as many mock tests as pos?sible to improve their speed of solving an answer. 9. Make Way for Revision : It is essential for candidates preparing for NEET 2021 Physics to develop the habit of regular revision. Consider - ing that the syllabus of NEET Physics contains numerous concepts and formulas, regu - lar revision is the only way to keep the topics fresh in mind till the exam. How to Prepare for NEET Physics – What Experts Say? “For Physics , getting well?versed with the formulas is pertinent. Make a chapter?wise formula chart and prac?tice as many questions as possible to get the important formulas at your fingertips. The most important topics in Physics include Mechanics and Electricity.” says aca?demic expert Important study areas in NEET Physics have been analyzed , “On an average, 85% of the questions asked in NEET have an easy or av?erage difficulty level. A large share of such questions is for?mula-based. Make a chapter?wise chart of all the formulae in Physics and pin it in front of your study table. It will be beneficial if you also learn all the relations as doing so will save a lot of time during the final exam. Emphasise on topics such as ‘System of Particle and Rotational Mo?tion’, ‘Current Electricity’, ‘Semiconductor Electronics’, ‘Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter’ and ‘Optics’.” Vijay GarG Ex.PES-1 Retired Principal Malout

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