Bhubaneswar,(The CommonTimes):Bidulata Dei is from Balakati, Odisha. She lost hope after the death of her Potter husband, the only bread earner of her family in this Pandamic. She went into deep depression worrying about the uncertain future of her only daughter. The incident & lockdown broke her. I came to know their plight & motivated them to start making Diyas with a promise to buy all of them. This small assurance rekindled their hope. The widow, who thought she could do nothing is now making 400 Diyas a day. One day before Diwali, I brought all the 6000 Diyas that she made and sent them to all famous temples across Odisha like Ghatagan Tarini, Puri Dakhina Kali, Jajpur Biraja, kakatpur Mangala, Cuttack Chandi, Jagatsinghpur Sarala, Sambalpur Samalei, Banki Charchika, Kendrapada Baladevjiu etc. One entire village near Dakhina Kali Mandir also celebrated Diwali with these Diyas. I also sent the Diyas to all our celebrities of Odisha as a memorable gift on Diwali, who uploaded encouraging posts with the Diyas on social media with best wishes for Bidulata Mausi. The process has encouraged Bidulata Mausi to restart it with a positive hope. The more awareness we create for Being Vocal for Local, The more opportunities will open for such poor vendors.

2020-11-16 | Bhubaneswar