Mayurbhanj (Report by- Debabrata Dey), The CommonTimes: Mayurbhanj district journalists pay their respects to Prabir Kumar Pradhan, a Corona warrior who died in the coronation. This evening, a 1-minute silent prayer was offered in front of the temple of Sri Sri Haribaldevjiu, the Baripada of the 2nd Shrikshetra Baripada, and a 1-minute silent prayer was offered for the well-being of his immortal soul. It was attended by representatives of both the print and electronic media in the district, who called on the government to declare him a coward warrior in the absence of Mr. Pradhan and to provide Rs 50 lakh to his family. Sukant Jiu, Ranjan Kumar Das, Manoj Kumar Panda, Niladri Dandapat, Deepak Nayak, Mangobind Panigrahi, Rajkishore Das, Rupam Swain, Subrata Das, Subrata Pradhan, Priyabrata Mishra, Akshay Agrawal, Laxman Jena, Biswajit Bhuiyan, Friends of the district, including Yajnabrata Panda and Harekrushna Patra, attended the memorial service and prayed for the immortal soul of the late Pradhan. The government has promised to provide assistance and assistance to all departments in the state, but has also demanded that the government provide 24-hour day-to-day work.

2020-11-09 | Bhubaneswar